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tobias slater – hunt

Closer to God

Seeking a new kind of beauty. 

2010 to 2016

Closer to God consists of a series of large scale prints, depicting naked portraits of people with facial deformities. These people are NOT real and the deformities are fictions. NO AI was used in the production of these images. 

These images are intended to confront our preconceived notions of beauty, by subverting the idealised norm of aesthetics and desire. Though these images are fictions, they are deliberately  confrontational to raise awareness of the possibilities of the human form.

The models know what the project was about and angaged whole heartedly. The work is not without humour. The models faces were manipulated in the studio and multiple images were made, mapping both the face and the body. the images were then stitched together by eye in post production to achieve the large scale prints.

Individual pieces have been widely published and exhibited and one was shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Prize 2014.

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